Platform to manage
health issues

About Project

An AI-based online platform that connects patients, doctors with a neural network brain that can diagnose disease with high accuracy & eliminate Iatrogenesis.
The main challenge is in the Asia region where hospital systems are not well established. And client wants to design a health platform that helps patients to stay healthy at home, doctors remotely manage their patients and hospitals easily manage administrative workflow. So we’ve proposed many design solutions after user and market research e-g

For a regular check-up, patients use the app and tell their condition from home.
Patients can check their BP, Sugar, Heart rate and send it to the doctor.
Personal assistants help users to take medicines on time.
Doctors and patients can get help through social platforms.
In case of emergency, patients can arrange blood, etc.


Launch Date

Sep 2019

Design Process






Started with the creation of a series of logos for the site and marketing materials.

Designed custom illustrations to use on the main website and on the platform

Drawn low fidelity wireframes for the Medclick mobile app to understand the userflow and functionality

Created a style guide for Medclick web and mobile app.

Designed 200+ screens for medclick mobile app, platform

We divided the Medclick app and its features into four main categories. And these main categories have many subcategories.

Admin panel for doctors and patients

Designed an admin panel for doctors and hospital staff to manage patients’ history and medical records. It also includes Appointment Booking, Patient Monitoring Consultation, Treatment Plan, etc.

Different landing pages for different users

Medclick platform have different types of landing pages to target different users’ benefits and features.

Mobile app design for medclick users

For direct consultation of patients and doctors, we designed Medclick mobile app.