German award-winning platform for math learning.


Mathebibel is a German Award-winning Mathematics learning platform. Helping 1M+ teachers and students to learn Math in the German language easily.

I worked on this project as a Web UI Designer. And my responsibilities were to redesign their website to increase conversion rate and user experience. Also, provided responsive versions and branding materials.

I worked in collaboration with the product owner along with the developers. My working tools were Figma, Tailwind CSS, Slack, Trello, etc.


The challenge was to design a UI that engages website users and provides a very good readability experience. And convey targeted messages to users converting them into customers. Why because the problem was users of the website left the website within 2,3 minutes after landing.


Based on the user’s feedback and analysis I started to redesign the whole UI of the website from scratch, which meets web and accessibility standards. Created PDF content for the users. If they want to read the content without ads they can read it easily. And the website will generate revenue with the help of PDF selling.


After testing different versions of the designs with the users. We launched the final version and the results we gathered in which
The bounce rate was reduced by 30%.
The conversion rate increased by 15%.


User Research

Conducted both Qualitative and Quantitative research for this project.
To analyze the data and identify the pain points of the users from the interviews.

What's wrong with the current design?

The current design is text-heavy, loaded with too many google ads, and has a complex structure of the content that disturbs the users during reading. That’s why new users leave the website in the first 2 or 3 minutes.


Key Findings

Based on the users problems the key findings are...

Design Process

Rough Sketches & Lo-Fi Wireframes

Rough Sketches
Low-fi Wireframes

Branding & Style Guide

Mathebibel Logo
Brand Identity
Custom Icons
Custom Illustrations

User Testing: Unmoderated A/B Testing

Conducted A/B testing with 6 users for the landing page. The main goal for the first round of testing was to see if the readability of the content is satisfactory for the users or not…

Landing Page Findings:

Final Designs

Designed different landing pages for different mathematics categories.

E books and Content Details

Designed different landing pages especially ebook landing page for the Mathebibel ebooks marketing.

Responsive version

For comfortable reading and easy access, I’ve designed a responsive version of the Mathebibel.