An Award-winning
Math learning platform


Mathebibel is a German Award-winning Mathematics learning platform. Helping teachers and students to learn Math easily.


The main challenge was to increase the conversion rate and user engagement with the help of UI redesign. Why because around 1M+ users visit the website in a month and leave it within the first 2,3 minutes.


So after careful consideration and keeping user flow in the mind. Then I started to redesign the whole UI of the website from scratch, which meets web and accessibility standards and solves users’ problems.


After testing different versions of the designs with the users. We launched the final version and the results we gathered in which

– Analytics showed User engagement increased by 30%.
– Got 90% positive feedback on the user satisfaction survey.

My Role

UX/UI Designer

My Responsibilities:

The team

1 Product Manager, 1 Designer, 2 Developers.

Tools used


What's wrong with the current design?

The current design is text-heavy, loaded with too many google ads, and has a complex structure of the content that disturbs the users during reading. That’s why new users leave the website in the first 2 or 3 minutes.


User Research

Conducted both Qualitative and Quantitative research for this project.
To analyze the data and identify the pain points of the users from the interviews.


Key Findings

Based on the users problems the key findings are...

Design Process

Rough Sketches & Lo-Fi Wireframes

Rough Sketches
Low-fi Wireframes

Branding & Style Guide

Mathebibel Logo
Brand Identity
Custom Icons
Custom Illustrations

User Testing: Unmoderated A/B Testing

Conducted A/B testing with 6 users for the landing page. The main goal for the first round of testing was to see if the readability of the content is satisfactory for the users or not…

Landing Page Findings:

Final Designs

Designed different landing pages for different mathematics categories.

E books and Content Details

Designed different landing pages especially ebook landing page for the Mathebibel ebooks marketing.

Responsive version

For comfortable reading and easy access, I’ve designed a responsive version of the Mathebibel.

Client Feedback

Andreas S.

Founder Mathebibel

Malik is a highly talented UX/UI designer. His designs are modern and clean. But what I liked most working with Malik was his perfectionism: He’s very detail-oriented and passionate. The communication was great and I am looking forward to work with him again in the future. If you want someone extraordinary in your team, he’s your man!