Coding Lab

Freelancing Marketplace for
Netherlands users


CodingLab is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses with independent professionals and makes easy hiring and outsourcing process. This is an ongoing project currently in development.


The main challenge was to build a system that will help companies and clients who don’t have the technical knowledge to hire freelancers.


We’ve designed an online marketplace where we simplified the talent search and accelerate the hiring process.


As result, clients can save a lot of time and effort in hiring. On the other hand, freelancers can get projects easily.

We got 97% positive feedback from users during the MVP testing.

40% user engagement increased during signups.

My Role

UX Design lead

My Responsibilities:

The team

1 Product manager, 2 Designer, 6 Engineers.

Tools used


Design Process

In my design process. I worked using a human-centered design approach and followed lean and agile methodologies.







User Research and interviews

I’ve Conducted both Qualitative and Quantitative research for this project. To analyze the data and identify the pain points of the users from the interviews. I performed Thematic Analysis on it. And found common themes, patterns, topics, and ideas.

Empathy Mapping

Using Thematic Analysis, I created an Empathy Map. And the purpose of creating an Empathy map was to better understand the pain points and the feeling of the Coding Lab users.

Identify Pain Points

Based on the user’s empathy. We found these issues of the Clients and Professionals.

Clients Pain Points:
Freelancers Pain Points:

Create User Persona & Market Research

Here is an example of one of the three user personas we created.
Here is an example of competitive analysis

Key Finding

Based on the insights and data gathered from the user’s pain points and market research. We clearly understand the problem.

Less & Authentic Proposals

Clients need only 4,5 proposals so that they can choose the best.

Data Protetion

Clients need data protection when they want to post a job.

Streamline Projects

Freelancers need continuously projects so that they can’t put their self to finding the jobs.

Easy Search

Freelancer can easily available near to the client location for better collaboration.

Design Process

Rough Sketches & Lo-Fi Wireframes

Rough Sketches
Lo-Fi Wireframes

Style Guide

After completing the UX research and to deliver final product I’ve created a style guide in which I’ve created patterns, libraries, and brand identity etc.

Final High-Fi Mockups

Designed more then 100 pages and 20 main sections. Codinglab has different types of functionality and user experience for their users in the form of clients, freelancers, admin accounts.

Client Account to post jobs and hire freelancers

To stand out from this platform from its competitors, We designed Job posting, Hiring, Time management, Contracts, and many other features for the clients.

Freelancer account to apply on jobs and get work done

Freelancers can get a job according to their skills with the advanced job matching feature. Other features: Applications, Time management, Contracts, Messaging, etc.

Landing page design for marketing purpose

Design a landing page to show various features and benefits that users get from Coding Lab.

Designed a responsive version for Coding Lab

Created responsive version to get the best results on different mobile devices.

Client Feedback

Ismail M.

Founder Codinglab

I have worked with Malik quite some time and have seen him grow into the professional he is now. Not only are his designs looking very professional and nice. It’s accessability (contrast levels, interactions) are working for everyone and your grandma. Thank you for your amazing work Malik.