Admin Dashboard UI Design

Hi, check out my new Free Admin Dashboard UI Kit for your next UI/UX Design project. Admin Dashboards are available in both light and dark versions in Figma along with free case studies.


An admin dashboard UI kit design project. I developed this project as a product designer from the research phase to an MVP launch. This dashboard is available in both light and dark versions that are fully customizable and neatly organized. All screens and components are designed in Figma. The dashboard is free, available with future updates under a CC BY 4.0 license, and listed on the Figma community.


I decided to use my design skills to help the design community and create admin panel for designers to use for their projects and speed up their design process.


When it was launched, the dashboard immediately received more than 500 downloads and now on Figma community this was downloaded more than 2000 times. And 90+ users are interested in the premium version.

Final Designs